Monday, 25 July 2016

Day 10: Nurses

Blog post 10 - Issy and Vicky

Another day of work although, luckily for us, not a full one. We had an interval between mandazis and lunch in which we were visited by a Malawian nurse and a volunteer nurse from England who run Joshua's mobile clinics. It was really fascinating to learn about the Malawian medical system and how the lack of resources is overcome by the use of simple techniques such as saline solutions and frequently changing dressings. This was a particularly interesting talk for the aspiring medics among us but still, heartbreaking to hear about the poor conditions for recovery. 

On the work front, we were once again split across the two project sites. In Manyenje, we continued to hone our brick laying (Louise's niche) and plastering skills as we finished constructing the new toilet block. In the meantime, the Mwandika crew had to do yet more hoeing, rapidly becoming the most dreaded activity. Although hard work, this is essential in order to build stone walls to support the sand banks under heavy rain. One of the more relaxing tasks of the day was to paint colourful numbers and letters onto the walls of the school building for educational purposes once the holidays are over. It's a really amazing feeling to see how much a simple splash of paint can be effective in bringing to life the children's education. 

We are looking forward to tomorrow being our last full day of work! Our brief holiday before returning home will be well deserved. 

Tuanana! Lots of love, 
Team Malawi

PS If any of you are doctors could you please ask for out of date wound dressings (especially burn dressings and Vaseline) to send to Malawian hospitals and clinics which are desperately in need of them. 

PPS if you haven't already take a look at Inspire Worldwide's Facebook page as there is a short video of the team dancing!


  1. Charles Dennis III25 July 2016 at 13:45

    Hi. Great to see the progress, but selfishly would love to see a photo of the team (and especially one certain member, as she's a bit elusive!) Big news here is that there was a massive 15hr traffic jam at Dover on Friday as there was only (reportedly) one Frenchman on passport duty! Spent Sunday afternoon helping Nana do a puzzle of 'Call The Midwife' and looking for Pokémon! Enjoy the safari, Dad.

  2. Hi guys!! I can't get over how beaut you all look! I am so ridiculously proud of you all, you're doing an insane job! Laragh, Megan and I found those sweet and sour chicken things that we had in America!!!! They were avo but we are deffo getting them when you are back. Pez, I love your sister way more than you, she lets me pick her instagrams. Oh and we went to Dunorlan last night and played man hunt (don't ask, it was Lauren and Shaf's idea) and Robyn ran straight into a tree branch, there was so much blood you have no idea (don't worry there are many pictures) !! Other than that no news (it's dead without you), so pls come back soon. Also Mam says hi and that she misses her other children. All the love Ci xxxxx

  3. Hi all & esp Niamh mcs .... looks like you are all doing such valuable work . The children look so happy on their see saw. I will ask in all practices to donate expired bits & bobs for the medical centre as all we do is bin stuff ..... keep up the good work for yoyr last day & then enjoy safari love to all xxxx

  4. Hi
    Thanks for the update, great pictures and the toilet block looks great well done ��
    Enjoy your last day of labour xx G Dog

  5. So Niamh C. Dad on his own. House a tip and they've only been gone for a few hours!
    Dog stinks. Kitchen stinks. Haven't been upstairs yet. Still snowing here love you need you miss you squeeze you. Dad

  6. Hey girls
    I would definitely be up for painting over hoeing haha
    Keep up the fab work everyone not long now till you'll be waving it goodbye
    Mum (Mrs ayling) a little message for you from me: I am flying home from guernsey tomorrow back to my uni house to do 2 full days of cleaning ( fun fun fun) before getting back to Sevenoaks. Dad and Tom are well and I have acquired a totally awesome gecko tattoo (temporary of course haha). Rae sends her love and is thoroughly enjoying the reading the blog with me each day :)
    Can't wait to see you soon!
    Lots of love
    Catherine xxxx

  7. Nice to hear there's not much work left and that after tomorrow you'll be all done and can relax. I hope spirits are high and you're enjoying yourselves. Looking forward to seeing you soon xx

  8. Hi Robz, gosh the work is starting to look very professional. Love the colours, and it looks as though the little boys are enjoying the see-saw very much. Much admiration for the nurses and the work they are doing.So hard to imagine a shortage of basic things like bandages. Dad and I now back in the world of work although it is weird being on dry land. Summer is starting to take effect in London, with people in shorts appearing all over (good look for some more than others!).Are you starting to look forward to your trip to Liwonde National Park? I think tomorrow is your last day of building so keep up the good work and take care.Missing you but sure that you are having an amazing time. Much love, hugs and kisses Mum xxxxx

  9. Hi Tabbi and everyone,
    As a change from my usual rambling messages, I thought I would set you a little quiz today. I will give you five lines from songs and five from films – can you guess the titles? It will be interesting to see how you do without having access to the magic that is Google!
    1. I’ll be lounging on the couch just chillin’ in my snuggie
    2. I hope I don’t run out of time. Could someone call a referee?
    3. Where are the plans we made for two?
    4. Geurae neo hey geurae baro neo hey
    5. I never miss a beat, I’m lightning on my feet
    Now the movies – clue – they are not exactly highbrow films:
    1. I didn’t know the baby’s powers so I covered all the basics
    2. “I can sing, but I’m also good at modern dance, olden dance and mermaid dancing which is a little different. You usually start on the ground.”
    3. “‘Scuse me, do you know where the crapper is? I have to drop off some timber”
    4. “Why?” (said in pain)! “You know why”!
    5. “Don’t forget I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her”
    Answers to follow!
    Only 1 more day of work for you now and just look at what you have achieved – you have hoe’d, painted, carried, laid, built and sweated but how nice to be able to see the end results! Double yay and hoorah!
    Love you sweetie,
    Mummy xxx

    1. Ed just tried and he only got the first song. He did quite well on the films though and got 1, 2, 3 and 4! How has everyone else done (without cheating)!

  10. Hey Tabbi,
    From Ed.
    (almost as good as my card writing)

  11. hey guys looks like you are doing some amazing work and everyone here is so proud of you all for making such a difference to people's lives- you are all so inspiring!

    Martha and Emma- I miss you guys so much and gals needs its two missing members back! Don't worry Martha your streaks are still intact;) I can't wait to see you both when you get back and hear all of your amazing stories

    lots of love
    Grace xxxx

    ps emma if you need to smile just remember I'm still sleeping with my hands in the same way;)

  12. what an inspiring blog and a truly amazing job you are doing. A quick question about an important issue..... Did I miss the report that says that Tori is now on the poo chart ... I feel your discomfort!!
    Safe travels
    Love Pippa Blackstone

  13. Wow Lou we're all seriously impressed that your brick laying skills got a special mention. Dad says you can start on the extension as soon as you get home and Oscar can be your labourer! I'm sure the visit by the nurses was very thought provoking - dad will try and round up some bandages, etc, from the first aid boxes on all the sites. I bet you're all looking forward to your last day of work but it's all been so worthwhile and you must be feeling really chuffed with yourselves. Oscar has gone to Lia's for a couple of days so that will be good for him as he's really missing you. Also I think I forgot to tell you that Ellena passed her driving test last week just before they went on holiday and Pippa has had her first lesson with Terry. The sun is still shining and long may it continue. Lots of love, Mum xxx

  14. Well done girls - keep up the great work - just one more final push (I'm talking about the hoeing and plastering not the poo chart) - then I hope you all have a wonderful safari trip.....I bet it'll be AMAZING. Take care and have lots of fun after all your hard work xx

  15. All the work you have done looks so good, you guys have done so well. Martha and Emma you look like pros with the hoes. Sending love to everyone, TG x

  16. Day 1
    Without any family at home. Dog, twocat and I thought we would have a good night together but the humidity kept us all up. Plus my sorrow about being lonely boy with no friends

    Seeing VIC tonight!!!!!! Dad

  17. Niamh. c this from the Irish

    Can you post this on Malachi blog:
    Niamh C
    Nana says Hello from the Emerald Isle !!
    Ed and Erin struggling to find wifi hot spots !!
    Almost missed our flight yesterday as its amazing how much a 7 looks like a 5 when you check flight times .... We got there 30 mins before the gate closed !!
    Miss you lots, love you lots, looking forward to seeing you in Sunday xxx

  18. Hi everyone! The work you're all doing is actually incredible! I can't believe all the amazing things you've done these past days.

    Martha and Emma, sorry for being a bad girlfriend and not writing as I should have, but don't you worry you losers, I've been thinking about you everyday and wish you were here : ( Can't wait for you to come back so I can actually have some friends and only 20 days until Switzerland!!!! Cannae wait.
    Emma- I see all the sop Tommo posts for Martha so here, I'll be your make-do boyf. Missing u like crazy and u look beautiful! Can't wait to give u a big old hug when you're back (even if you haven't showered properly)

    Come back so the golden trio, the year 11's (lol please tell me u get the #bant) can catch up : (
    Much love, from Me and Ted Loveday (just for u marvolo xxxxxxx)

  19. p.s.(see Ciara's post) yes, Lauren made an entire Facebook event dedicated to playing man hunt and surprisingly, everyone turned up - you're missing out BIG time at home XXX

  20. Hi Bethany and all. Final stretch now - so enjoyed seeing the photos and daily blogs. I bet they only show a small amount of what you have all achieved. I'm sure it will be quite a wrench to say goodbye to everyone you have met along the way. You have the amazing safari to come! Whilst writing this Betsy has jumped on my lap. Her fur has grown so quick B - wish I could upload a photo to show you. But you know what that means?....... Yes grooming and you know how much she hates it! Love you lots. Xx Mum and Dad.

  21. It's me again darling , I wasn't going to message today but I was so impressed by this blog. How much we take for granted! The children's faces are adorable ,their smiles must be your reward for your hard work! (I think hoeing is dreadful too!) Love you.Xx

  22. What an inspiring blog ,how much we take for granted! I wasn't going to message today ,but I'm so impressed that you are helping those dear little children . Their smiles must be your reward! Lots of love , Grandma Xx

  23. In duplicate ! Thought I'd messed up again!! Xx

    1. I think it's great an old girl like you is managing to comment on a blog unassisted!! :)

  24. Hi Lauren I 'hoe' you and the team have all enjoyed your incredible experience. Looking forward to hearing your new language. Grandad has hundreds of questions stored up for you so get ready! Had a lovely coffee with Yve and Gina in Otford. Don't forget some recipes I know you will want the same food when you return in between your tomato pasta, chilli and tabasco with everything else! All girl skills have been great to hear about well done guys! Don't forget to take a picture of your bed please that will give me a heads up on your humour level when you get home. Charlie says Ghostbusters was scary but also very funny (so he survived!)Would have liked to see someone holding little one's hand on the fun seesaw - you know me!! Just remember how you put Vivienne Westwood's skirts together when you are working out how to put up your tent in the park. Love you lots Mum ps Charlie has a swollen ear lobe, HOW? xxx

  25. Niamh C
    Nana says Hello from the Emerald Isle !!
    Ed and Erin struggling to find wifi hot spots !!
    Almost missed our flight yesterday as its amazing how much a 7 looks like a 5 when you check flight times .... We got there 30 mins before the gate closed !!
    Miss you lots, love you lots, looking forward to seeing you in Sunday xxx

  26. The talk must have been very interesting and good to know that the charity you are helping are doing such good work. It must exciting that your projects are almost finished. Both are looking good. Enjoy your last day of manual labour before your well deserved mini break! Everyone from home sends love xx

  27. Both the playground and the toilet block look really good.
    The kids on the see saw are so happy.
    Great work Team Malawi.

    Hope you enjoyed your last full day of work too. Now nearly time for a very well deserved break. Have a great time at the Safari.
    Would love to see a group photo of all of you.
    Counting the days to Sunday now.
    Have missed you so much Sanah.
    Planning our Spa day together.
    Love you loads
    Mum xxxxx

  28. Hi Victoria,

    I was so excited when I read your name along with Issy’s for the Day 10 account. Granddad and I had spent most of the day at Treliske Hospital whilst he had a transoesophageal echocardiogram (ultrasound camera down the oesophagus to examine the heart). It was uplifting and comforting to come home and settle down to reading what you have to say. All the accounts have been interesting and well expressed, you clever bunch, and I see now that Day 11 is already up and running on the blog which I’ll read after this. The photographs show how busy and involved you all are. The madanzis must have been a tasty treat and, yes, I looked up the dancing on Inspire Worldwide Facebook – are there no end to your talents!

    Signing off pro tem, for all you lovely peeps.

    Grandma and Granddad xxxxxx