Monday, 18 July 2016

Day 3: Project starts

Blog day 3 - Louise & tori


Today was the first day of sun and inconveniently the first day of work.

Firstly we walked to the feeding centre followed by lots of children and were greeted by the care givers. We had our first taste of mandazis which set us up for the full day of work ahead. We split into two groups, the first remaining at the feeding centre and the second returned to the village to start collecting sand for the cement. Team 1 starting work levelling the ground for the playground which was incredibly tough yet rewarding seeing the children already overjoyed just playing in the freshly turfed soil. Team 2 faces the challenge of moving sand 20 minutes up a hill to the new toilet block where it will be used to make cement. While we struggled on carrying half the bucket between 2, the Malawian women and children picked up full buckets, carrying them on their heads with ease. 

Lunch and dinner were both greatly received after the hard work and everyone heading to bed by 8pm!


The Malawi team


  1. Preparing for the blowtorch air coming through today. The fan is ready! Downloaded some of your fab photos to show Nanna when I see her today. She is loving all your adventures girls and really amazed as it is so far removed from her life, and she is 86! Have you swapped clothes Lauren and lost your glasses? Think I am looking at you in the photo but only because of the gloves!! You know how much - to infinity and back infinity times. You news is wonderful team M, thank you!xx

  2. Thank you for the photos and updates - we're really enjoying looking at them. It looks like hard work- especially in that heat - keep up the good work girls! The Denbighs send their love and are thinking of you xx

  3. Sounds like very hard work but you all still seem to be smiling! Very hot here too so we can sympathise a bit. Lots of love from all the Fletchers x x

  4. Well done on getting started! It sounds like hard physical work in hot weather but from your account you seem to be thriving on the challenge. Keep up the good work. We send our love and best wishes to everyone there. Much love and kind thoughts from the Taylors in Cornwall.

  5. Hi malawi kids!!! Hope ur having a fabuloso time (lucy's words)!!!!!

    Claud: ur rocking the bandanas in ur hair, glad u r still living <--- thats from me
    Now from lucy: ginge!! hope the sun doesn't make ur hair too much more ginger!! Ps. WE FINISHED A DOLLS HOUSE. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!! mucho love xoxoxoxox
    missing u lots&lots <--- from both

    Hogey: updates on prom ---- igloo photobooth is a go, £41 a head - lots more news for you when u get back :))))) glad u r still alive (at least I think you are anyway...?)xxxxxxxxxxxx

    Emma: u know how I said I'd give u my dolls house notes? well we appear to have finished the book and my notes aren't looking too fab, so maybs don't get ur hopes up!:)) love u pal xoxoxoxox

    From Izzy and Lucy

    Ps to niamh, from ej: hello, glad u r enjoying malawi xxx

    Pps doesnt this post beat sisi's ya?

  6. 8 pm bed? Now there is a trend I can't see lasting when home. You all look to be working so hard. Olivia, the impostor Emily (see earlier note) clearly hasn't done her research. She went and won a maths prize at final assembly, something our Em would never do. I hope no call is good news, love you lots x

  7. We are so enjoying seeing all these fabulous photos and reading the updates. Missing you lots B - Betsy was very surprised when she jumped on your bed and you weren't there. I think she is still looking for you! Gramps and Doreen say hello. Well done all you girls - sounds like you are working hard. Look after each other. Xx

  8. Loving the photos! It looks almost as hot as it is in the UK...Keep working hard. It is quiet without you! Looking forward to the next blog and sending lots of love from us all xx

  9. Well done for all the hard work in the heat. Keep it up and take care.
    It's 34 degrees here too , the fans are out.

    Missing you toooooooo much Sanah. The house is so quiet without you. Enjoy the whole experience and look after yourself
    Lots of love from the whole family

  10. Working hard. Good to see. Missing you mum. X

  11. Well done on a first successful day! Hope you're all having a really exciting time - a lot of new experiences.

    Enjoy the work and look after each other!

    Mrs Davis

  12. Well done girls, everyone here is really proud of you Rachie - keep safe and hydrated - love nona and granny & grandad

  13. Well done girls, everyone here is really proud of you Rachie - keep safe and hydrated - love nona and granny & grandad

  14. Hi Tabitha darling ,I keep trying to contact you ,but I haven't got the hang of it and it just vanishes in the ether! I was staying at yours earlier so my tec minded daughter helped me with the first message! Still I 'I'll give it another go. Just to say Ilove you loads and what a great job you and your team are doing.I hope the hippos don't spook you ! Xx