Thursday, 28 July 2016

Day 13: Safari!

Blog post 13 - Lou and Issy 
Hey everyone! 

We have just finished eating dinner after an afternoon and night safari - the chicken and sausages were most welcome! 

So far the list of seen animals includes:
Guinea foul
(And a beautiful, red sunset). 

We have an early start tomorrow morning as the boat safari starts at 6:30, but breakfast is at 8:30 and won't be porridge!

Today we spent five hours on the bus after leaving Manjenje and none of us will forget the gratitude in the children faces, and none of us will forget the sadness we felt as the children said 'see you tomorrow', when we knew we wouldn't.

The chief came to wave us off, and Stevie and Ian (the Joshua Field Officers) had tears in their eyes as we said our goodbyes. We would not have understood anything without their help as they were our translators.

Arriving at the safari park was strange as there are various electrical items AND PROPER SHOWERS AND TOILETS!!!!! 

We are just about to start dessert and the wifi is soon to go off.

See you all very soon, 
Lots of love, 
The Malawi team x


  1. Oh how beautiful your scenery is and so well deserved girls. Sounds like a slow re-entry to civilisation so none of you will get the 'bends'. Mozzie deet for the water trip girls. count down beginning Lauren safe journey to you all incase I miss the last blog lol Mum

  2. Hi B - how exciting but what a day of mixed emotions! It must have been so difficult to say goodbye to the village - especially the children. The safari sounds wonderful. Wonder if you will see any Warthog! News from here - Ewan said he missed you ... A bit!! Love you lots - enjoy the safari tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Xxxxxx

  3. Sending lots of love, the hard work is over and you can enjoy the beauty of Malawi.

  4. Hi Maddy, dad here. It turns out my previous comments were so anonymous that they didn't even show: I'm now on mum's iPhone thingy so I must be desperate to contact you. I've enjoyed reading the blogs and seeing the pictures. It's great to see that you got some gymnastics going out there. But there's been so much more, especially the safari, and the great people you've met. What an experience. We're in Pembroke at the moment, doing the usual things. Anyway I hope that you are enjoying yourself as much as I am missing you. Love dad x.

  5. Hey Lou - A day of pleasure and pain! I'm sure you'll never forget anything about your trip especially the children and I'm sure they won't forget Team Malawi 2016! Today's safari sounded wonderful and hopefully tomorrow's will be just as good if not better. I bet the shower felt so luxurious. Sleep well tonight and enjoy your last day of adventure tomorrow. Love you and see you very soon, mum, dad and Oscar xx

  6. Mads,
    Today I have been splashing about in the sea. We are having a great time in Wales but are missing you a lot! I hope you are having a fun time on the safari!! Lots of love and kisses, from Flo xxxxx

    Although I have enjoyed being able to wear your clothes (pls don't be mad)... I need you to help me find some new music! Not long now... I need you back so I don't have to feel so bad about Flo being the favourite child lol. See u in a couple of days !!!!
    Kitty xxxxx

  7. Wow - beautiful photos! It must have been difficult to say goodbye after your incredible time in Manjenje but chicken, sausages and proper loos and showers must be most welcome. Enjoy the boat safari and don't dangle your limbs in the water! Xxx

  8. Hi everyone, so glad you survived the building project and I hope you have a brill safari. Enjoy and stay safe
    G dog . Ps love u Mrs T X

  9. Hey tabs,

    Sounds like you've had a great well deserved start to your rest days. And its great to know that you're enjoying your first bit of sausage for almost two weeks;). Sounds like you've enjoyed the safari so far and hopefully know you can understand why it was my best ever holiday, hopefully you'll go one step further and see all the big five. Really missing you know and have started running out of shite tv to watch, pokemon has been completed you'll be glad to know but haven't yet resorted to game of thrones and saving the harry potter marathon for when you're back. Pls don't come home like the gap yarrr girl from inbetweeners pls.
    love you lots

  10. Hi Victoria,

    The closing of an amazing chapter and now the wonder of the safari. Wonder how you are feeling on re-entry to civilisation? Whatever, enjoy the rest of the trip - didn't know you would be going on a boat safari too! Hope the long journey home is not too tedious but no doubt you're sleep on the plane as much as you can. Speak soon. Love from Grandma and Granddad xxxxxxxxx

  11. Hi Tabitha darling , this is just to say how much I've enjoyed seeing all the blogs and pictures of your great adventure ! What stories you'll all have to tell !! ( I don't care if you come back talking like a yuppie!) loads of love from Grandma Xx

  12. Hi Tabbi,
    My last comment on your blog as you will be travelling soon. I really can't wait to see you sweetie - it seems a very long time but, strangely, has also gone quite quickly.
    Here are a couple of bad hippo jokes as you may not have enjoyed the facts yesterday!
    What's a hippos favourite type of music?
    Hip hop.
    How can you make a hippo do whatever you want?
    Hipponotise him.
    What happens when a hippo gets too cold?
    See you bright and early Sunday - how will we recognise each other?

    Love mummy xxx

  13. Hi Tabbi,

    I've caught up with all the work you guys have been doing and I'm so impressed! (sorry I've been really really rubbish at posting on here, I hitch hiked to Scotland and back and since then I've been couch surfing a bit at friends houses lol). Building bricks, mixing cement, painting etc all in the heat sounds really impressive, I'm so proud of all you guys! I'm flying off to Kenya on Sunday but I'm p sure I'll do nothing half as impressive as you guys.

    Hope you'll now get to enjoy Malawi! Also low key hoping you come back even more gap yar then me :))

    Lots of love and well done

    George x x x

  14. Martha and Emma, saying goodbye to the children sounds actually heartbreaking but you all 100% deserve the nice luxuries after all your hard work, so impressed and very jealous because that view looks insane! (Marv, I can imagine you sobbing at that) Missing you both more than you know, much love, S xxxx

  15. Now that looks beautiful! See you Sunday Martha. xxx

  16. Lara we are so very proud of you. Enjoy every last Mintue of your amazing adventure...hope u been writing it all down. Safe trip back 2 u all. C u soon. Hugs Mum & Dad. X X

  17. Hi Robz and Malawi team TOGS, what a fantastic experience - I can't believe you saw so many animals (and birds). Hippos and Elephants - amazing. I love the pictures, it looks so beautiful and you girls look little a little flock of rare creatures sitting by the water.So sad to say goodbye to the children, but you have left something with them that will be useful for many years and I am sure you will keep them in your hearts for a long time. Last day tomorrow - I expect you wish you could stay for longer now that you know what a wonderful place Malawi is. Can't wait to hear about the boat safari. Take very good care and have a wonderful time. Mum xxxx

  18. All good things come to an end but the memories will last forever.
    Hope you had an equally amazing last day of adventure.

    Can't wait to have you back Sanah.

    Nanu Nani and Sanju mama have come over. We are all missing you so much. The house is so quiet without you. Waiting eagerly to hear all about your trip.

    Have a safe journey back home. See you Sunday morning

    Love you lots my jaan. Mum xxxxxx