Friday, 29 July 2016

Day 14: Last day in Malawi

Blog post 14 - Marv and Tori
We woke up this morning in the safari park, after a peaceful night in tents with no hippo trampling. 

At 6.30 we embarked on a beautiful sunrise boat safari where we encountered numerous crocodiles, hippos and a variety of birds. 

This amazing experience was topped off by our first porridge free breakfast in 2 weeks which included BACON and sausages. We all enjoyed it very much. 

After packing away our tents we set off on another 5 hour coach journey back to Fishermans Rest which was filled with "singing" with the windows down, much to the delight of the many local markets we drove through. 

After arriving at Fishermans Rest we have all had a nice relaxing evening enjoying our last night together in Malawi. 

We are all looking forward to seeing you on Sunday morning (8.30 sharp please, we all want McDonalds) however we first have to overcome the long 24 hour journey back to England. 

As this will most likely be our last blog post of the trip we would like to take the opportunity to say what an amazing time we have had and we hope that you have enjoyed reading just a small glimpse of it and following our journey with us. 

PS. Happy Birthday to Rachel's mum Helen :)


  1. Wonderful photos of your thoroughly deserved safari. Looks like you've all had two weeks you'll remember forever. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday morning.

  2. Safe journey home.
    Looks wonderful on the water
    Thanks to Mrs A & Mrs T for giving up some
    of their holiday to allow the girls to have this amazing experience.

  3. What a incredible time you must have had and I am sure you have made so many people happy with all your labours !
    Now can I have Mrs T back now please?
    Safe home tomorrow X
    G dog

  4. hope you have a good journey home. What an amazing experience you have all had. Thank you so much Mrs Ayling and Mrs Twinam for looking after our girls! X

  5. Looks beautiful! Safe journey home and looking forward to seeing you all early Sunday morning x

  6. I'm sure this is going to be a trip you'll remember forever. I hope it was way better than expected and everyone had a great time. 8.30 it is, even I want a Mc Donald's and I only had one an hour ago. I can't wait to see you soon larpen, I've missed you a lot. And I hope you all have a nice flight back, I much rather you guys sit on a plane for 24 hours instead of me. Love you lots, see you soon xxx

  7. Hey Lou. You've had such an amazing experience. There's not much to say other than have a good sleep and a safe journey home - we can't wait to see you and hear all about it. Have missed you loads -See you Sunday morning xxx

  8. Want to hear all the stories...what an experience you have had. Thanks so much for the daily updates which have given us a brief glimpse into your world for the past 2 weeks. Enjoy the last day together as Team Malawi. Safe journey and see you Sunday morning

  9. Looks Beautiful!
    Have thoroughly enjoyed reading the blog and following your amazing journey.

    Dear Mrs Twinam and Mrs Ayling , Thank you so much for looking after our daughters and making it possible for them to experience this opportunity of a lifetime.
    Wish you all a comfortable and safe journey back home to your families.
    Anu xx

  10. Hope you've all had an amazing time have a good journey much love to everyone x x x

  11. Hi Robz, you will probably have set off by the time you get this, but incase not just to let you know that I can't wait to see you. Dad has to work but I will be there and Dad is longing to hear all of your stories when he gets home. It has been an incredible adventure. Much love to all of team Malawi and many many thanks to everyone that made this possible. Come back safe. Mum xxxxxxx