Saturday, 23 July 2016

Day 8: Netball

Blog 8: Martha & Emma

Despite lack of sleep (thanks to the leaders who thought it'd be hilarious to wave a McDonald's sign and torch around the room as we went to sleep) morale was high today.

This morning we finally finished the playground at Mwandika which the kids are already enjoying. The toilet blocks in manyenje are also on their way to being finished and look fantastic.

After another one of Ida's infamous lunches we haggled with some local traders who were selling homemade arts and crafts, most of us spending half the kwacha we arrived with. In true TGS style we could not resist challenging the local ladies to a netball match. However, in true Malawian style, the rules were a little different which resulted in an intense and interesting game - local women dominating but TGS putting up a good fight.

Today we came across our first 100% certain non-rabied dog - a gorgeous golden lab called Shula, which added even more excitement to the day.

We're now preparing for bed at 730 as we have the joy of a 430 wake up'll find out why tomorrow.

Lots of love,

Team Malawi X

P.s we're writing this under the stars (cringe) and its sooo beaut!

P.p.s dear Tori's mum, we're sorry to let you know that tori is the only one without 1 tick on the poo chart


  1. Missing you Martinez, hope you are enjoying it. Nice to see you writing something because there are 0 Photos of you. Loads and loads and loads of love and hugs Jesse xxxxxx

  2. P.s Had a McChicken sandwich on Tuesday. It was amazing!!!

  3. Hi Tabbi and everyone,
    The netball court and post looked amazing - that's a match you won't forget in a hurry.
    It was lovely to see a photo of you today. In fact I hit the bonus as you were in 2 of them - yay! I've never studied photos of you so carefully!
    How does Hannah manage to look so pretty wearing that outfit and whilst plastering a toilet?!!
    It's 10pm (nearly) and I've just got back from Ella's birthday meal. Frank took her to Go Ape as a surprise today. Apparently on another birthday she wants to drive a tank - he says that's the Russian in her!
    I have had to set an alarm for 00:30 as I need to pick Ed up from a party in Crowborough (great!) at 1 and that's way past my bedtime.
    Did you open the envelope and did you try the challenge? Have you opened envelope 2 and tried that yet?
    Enjoy your rest day tomorrow stinky.
    I'll write again then.
    Love you,
    Mummy xxx

  4. Sanah Jaan, we are all at Sapna Aunty's house. Going through your blog and talking about the amazing work you all are doing. Missing you loads.
    Hi Sanah, lovely pics, my boundary wall needs a expert hand when you are back, keep up the good work, love from mama, Mami, Soham and Dudley.
    Hello Sanah, I am overjoyed to see you working so hard. God bless you. nana and Nani.

  5. Hello Mrs T
    Are you missing Eastenders ? He he !
    Can you let other people take photos coz you are hiding behind the camera me thinks , be nice to see you .
    Nice bit of rendering on the toilet block walls young lady ( sorry don't know your name) I bet you all are looking forward too next week when you have some well deserved down time .
    Enjoyi shaking your thang after church .
    Love you Sam xx
    G dag xx

  6. Hey tabs it's me again, nice to see that you had a bit of a break to play netball, looks fun and at least you can blame the loss on the umpiring this time ;). Life update: came to Cornwall with my dad today for the scattering of his friends ashes, 5 hour drive with a shit tonne of queen ((you would've loved it;) miss my singing?) then went to a pub for food and the roof flooded on us, great. Hired wetsuits and surfboards for free as they were all friends of Pritch and it was the tightest mofo ever. Went surfing and made a big ring of a hundred surfers in the middle of the sea and then Jamie (pritch's son) scattered his ashes in the middle. And a flair went up from the lifeguards (Toby cried like a baby). Then beers fire and a band. Was "sick". Sleeping in the boot of the car tonight so maybe similar conditions to you but at least you don't have to deal with my dad's smell.

    I hope you're making use of the time that you're allowed to say 'fair'. I miss you loads, and we're half way through now :):):):) not long to go. And please don't come home like one of those stupid gap yaaaarrrr people pls.
    Love you time 3 million
    Ells xxxxx

  7. Dear Saana
    Missing you loads
    So proud of you
    Doing a great job
    Looking forward to having you back
    Lots of love
    Sapna Aubty

  8. Rach Mads and Tabs, Didn't realise how much I would be missing u three, what's more snapchatting myself and kitty all for the sake of a flame and a number is starting to loose it's initial fun, however ploughing on for u xxx
    Your trip sounds incredible although what is maybe more incredible is the fact you've not all burnt to a crisp as yet. Been making me wish I was out there with you all!!! Really really cannot wait for you all to come back home to see me so I'm not so much of a loser any more lol :) not that I would know but I'm sure nothing is going on in any of those tv shows you love to watch like Geordie shore, Greys and whatnot without you being able to watch them (although I'm sure ull be glued to the screens when you're all back), hope you're not enjoying the break from my weirdness too much, don't worry you'll have plenty of stellar Instagram captions to rate on your return 💯💯 once again missing you more than anything, and I have developed an intense obsession with nuggets (update on my life) I had six today and ten yesterday, having a great time (but not as great as if you were here to eat my nugs with me), also I've turned into a sick driver after doing 50,000 hill starts on the twells industrial estate hill so now I can tackle anything! lots and lots of love enough for all three of you xxxxxxxx

  9. Hi Bethany and all. Can't be sure but was that you playing netball??? You all look like you are having an amazing time and working really hard. What an experience you are all having. I'm sure you may all have some low points - finding things tough - but hopefully you all support each other through it. We are all behind you supporting you all the way - we hope you are doing ok! Home news - EJ lost his phone again - lucky it was found in the woods! (don't tell him I told you!!). Weather here still hot but a out to change apparently. I'm drawing up a shopping list for your return. So far Golden Graham's, earl grey tea bags, smoked salmon and cream cheese, apple juice. Love you soooooo much and missing you heaps. Had a boring night last night - ewan and dad spent the evening talking about and watching cricket! I need you back to balance it up!! Take care and continue to enjoy your adventures ladies. Xx

  10. Pretty sure the tgs boys would've been better competition at the netball but oh well, you guys are all doing such a good job and should be so proud. Martha I'll buy you so much Mcdonalds when you're back so hold onto that �� love to everyone and missing you all, TG x

  11. Excellent work girls on the rendering of the wall on the toilet block. You will have no problem getting work as skilled brickies next summer when you have that long break between exams and uni. Love the urban street spelling of the BOYZ block. That will take a lot of correcting from their teachers next term. Pleased to hear that you have had a poo, a constipated netball match would have been highly amusing. Mum and I are on holiday in a swish boutique holiday cottage in Norfolk and going to places we took you when you were 6. I'm getting all misty eyed thinking of you as my little girl playing on the beach and mum has done loads of shopping. Can't wait to here all the stories of what you can't put in the public blog . Love you Dad and Mum

  12. Hi Team Malawi! Great news that you have made so much progress. Would love to see photos of both projects when they are finished. Sorry TGSs lost the netball, but if my daughter was playing that would be no surprise! Hope your early start was worth dawn wake up call... and looking forward to seeing where you disappeared to! x

  13. Charles Dennis III24 July 2016 at 03:19

    Well, as you might guess I had a sleepless night of worry. But, no, not the spectre of Lidlelite: a far more fundamental conundrum that my visit to Lidl reawakened. Peach or nectarine? Still Lidl's fault, as they had not stocked the shelves with either, so I could not make an (near)instant selection of which fruit based on logic: look nice; smell nice; and likely to ever ripen. So now I need to answer the hypothetical question: which is the king (or queen based on your trip) of the soft fruit: peach or nectarine? Case for the peach: childhood memories of my first peach (only available for a short time in the summer and not slimy and oddly yellow like tinned ones); nice, sweet and 'peachy' flavoured (although no as good as peach ring sweets); but sometimes a bit 'fluffy inside! Case for the nectarine: tastes nicer (a bit 'edgy'); skin does not go as 'yucky'; but they are the new kid on the block and sometimes seem to never ripen, staying like wood before going to mush. So I hear you cry 'go for the new, better 'peach mark 2' the nectarine - but be careful, very careful, with you selection process'. Well, just hold on, what about loyalty to the original (I may be wrong, maybe the nectarine came first: discuss)! And what about that fluffy skin' like a baby's ..... again discuss. And what about us men; I feel I must stand up for those who are folliclly challenged. Just because one is shiny and 'fluffless' does not mean you should prejudice its contents. So, I'm back to the start and can't derive a logical or emotional answer to my conundrum. But anyway, you all know that the best soft fruit is a real good Victoria plum (caveat: only in August and freshly picked). Thanks for the free therapy. Big hugs - and please try to sneak into one of the photos! Love Dad (PS Charlie may write later, probably once you are back)

  14. Shouting now! PUT A PHOTO OF ALL THE TEACHERS AND THE GIRLS ON THE BLOG NOW JOSH!! (Blaming you cause your the only leader name I know! PLEASE!)love from frustrated, daughter-sick mother on behalf of all frustrated families xx

  15. Just to Cheer Emma up 'boring'

  16. Hey Bitha - another short message from Daddy - I am loving the blog posts and to be honest loving all comments from everyone just as much! Loved the netball picture!! It is super hot here in Dubai today, easily pushing over 50c with a dust storm today that is bringing a hot wind!! However being able to have a nice cool shower at the end of the day means I am just about coping!!! Hope you're not missing creature comforts too much!! Love you loads! Daddy xxxxx
    PS - Did you hear about the new movie "Constipation?"
    It hasn't come out yet.

  17. Hi Victoria,

    Gosh those finished walls look very professional. Well done to all of you!

    Did you play in the netball team? Must have done wonders for the constipation! BTW, I loved netball at school and played in a local league well into my 40s, so would have loved to have seen your match live. The photograph is a good substitute though.

    Spoke to Mellyn and your Dad this morning. They are off on a picnic later to a park in Sevenoaks where there are deer - think it might be Knole. Lucky they've got suitable weather as here it has been mizzly and wet all morning - rather depressing but the Malawi blog and photographs brightened our day. Looking forward to hearing more on your return plus additional photographs.

    I'm impatient for your turn to write on the blog assuming you will before the week is up?

    Granddad has to go to hospital for a TOE (transoesophageal echocardiogram) next week which is where an ultrasound probe is put down the oesophagus to examine the heart. He had an angiogram last week, so dependent on the results of both tests we will find out what the recommendations will be. Hope that wasn't TMI.

    Lots of love and thinking of you often,
    Grandma and Granddad. xxxxxxxxxx

  18. Niamh C
    1 week to go !! And to think the next time we see you you will be 17 !!! Matt has gone off again this time to Taunton we have challenged him to cook you a birthday dinner ! He has never been so keen to walk Harvey !! Erin and him took Harvey on 2 very long walks yesterday and iI'm sure you can guess the reason for that Pokemon go !!!!
    Hope you and the team are enjoying the work Niamh and soooo looking forward to seeing you next weekend !!!!
    Lots and lots of love from us all

  19. Hi Robz and Malawi team,
    gosh the toilets and sign-writing look professional.Well done ladies! Impressed by the early night and looking forward to finding out what the 4.30 start is for. Am a bit confused by the pictures as still no sign of you- or am I writing on the wrong blog and is there another one for your team perhaps? (Sounds like my sort of mistake). All OK here - Tom gone to London to see Henne. Sunny in Kent. Dad thinking about mowing lawn . Details of your accommodation for dance course now arrived. Missing you loads. Hope gloves and boots OK. Much love Mum xxxxxxx

  20. Hi Tabitha darling,I keep trying to contact you and loose it in the ether! I'll give it another go! Just to say I love you loads and how much I have enjoyed all the pictures and messages from Malawi. What a great job you are all doing! I find it hard to get my head round the fact I get info from there all the way to Wye ! ( another generation) I hope the hippos don't spook you ! Xx

  21. Hi Tori and Malawi team,
    I know you are all working hard and that living a life so different to home must be really difficult, but I hope that you are getting to enjoy the peace, the dark skies, the stars, the joy of the people around you and that you are managing to dodge the mosquitos.
    Here life goes on as normal - we spent a couple of days with Granny who sends her love but can't remember where you are! Reading the blog is great but we are looking forward to your pictures and news when you get home.
    Hope you have all had a bit of rest over the weekend with some dancing and that you are ready for the remaining work. xx

  22. Hi Lou - Mum here. How great that you had a netball match - that will be one that you'll never forget! Its Sunday afternoon and we're recovering from a very late night with Tracey & Jon. We sat outside till gone midnight as it was such a lovely evening - let's hope this weather continues for a few more weeks! I'm just thinking that this time next week you'll be home - can't wait to see you. I hope you've had a great day and I'm dying to find out why you had such an early start - I hope it was worth it! Love from me, here's dad...
    Dad's turn now. Loving the photos of the progress, any chance you might bomb the odd one as we are beginning to think you didn't actually go!!! In the meantime we are making a start on preparing for the extension and realising how useful a spare room will be!! Keep ticking the poo chart and see you soon. Lots of love from us all here at Riverside. XXX

  23. hi snor, thought you'd like to know that me & jess & dan have all been thinking of you and we very much hoped that you would have made it onto the poo chart (you should have done more squats before you went!!!). keep trying though, we have faith in you.

    some things to update you on: i've become a baking goddess and made the sickest cake ever (still counts even though it was with betty crocker mix), i am a pro at driving Ross but am nowhere near as good as you and Jeff, had a dream that you came home last night and it was sad when i woke up and realised there is still a while until i get to see you and your sunburn, and a vaping coffee shop has opened on camden road which is just classic tunbridge wells isn't it.

    miss you massively and sending all my love !!!

    soph xxxxxx