Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Day 4: Mwandika

Blog post #4 by Maddy & Sanjana  

THE NUTELLA HAS RUN OUT. AFTER TWO DAYS. Apparently the sun has too. We've spent the day in cloud and rain, but this didn't dampen our spirits. We left for Mwandika at 745am and got to work promptly. The work was tough, but the kids were more than happy to help, which motivated us because all our effort is for them.

Seeing the primary school children longing for the leftovers was heartwrenching (as their school has finished for summer, they visit the kids feeding centre in hope of a meal) and a real eye opener for all of us. 

Nevertheless, the kids stayed happy and were especially enthusiastic about the gymnastics session led by Maddy.

After a successful day of work, it was satisfying to see the coming together of the children's playground.

Despite a quarter of us being unable to move our bowels, the production of the poo chart has lifted morale and we wish the constipated among us the best of luck for the coming days.

Lots of love,

Team Malawi xxx

P.s Vicky ate a banana


  1. Seriously Martha?!? 1kg of Nutella gone in 2 days?!!! I think you've got a problem! We miss you and will welcome you home with open arms our lovely little chocoholic! Keep up the good work - you're all doing a great thing out there. xxx

    1. Hi Didi,
      Hope you're having fun.
      Don't get angry at me, but I have been sleeping in your bed(it is very comfortable).
      Love u lots
      Tera pyara bhai, Tanay

  2. Hope everyone's having fun and enjoying the experience.

    Hey sanj,

    Got loads of offers to watch Now You See Me 2 but holding out for you like a good friend would. Get back safe because I don't want to look like a loser watching it on my own:)

    Shaf x

  3. Loved Maddy and Sanjana's latest post! You've really got down to basic needs now - the demise of the Nutella and the drawing up of a poo chart!! :-) However, the mention of the children looking for food touched us deeply as it evidently did all of you. We hope the progress on the playground helps to keep your spirits up and Vicky eating a banana, whatever next!! We love reading about your experiences and look forward to the next post. Thinking of you all. Love from the Taylors in Cornwall. xxxxxxx

  4. Hi Lou - we are all missing you but love reading the blogs - can you organise a photo of the poo chart as it sounds fascinating? Jerry is flaked out in the heat and seems to be on hunger strike! Don't forget to write your diary regularly as although you will never forget your Malawi experience the little things that happen daily will be forgotten over time. Love and big hugs, Mum x x

  5. Victoria ate a banana. Huh???? Really???? You don't happen to have any tomatoes, by any chance?

  6. I hope you're all having an amazing time! Say hi to all of the villagers for me and if you meet a builder called Wisdom be sure to ask him about Chelsea FC!

  7. I hope you're all having an amazing time! Say hi to all of the villagers for me and if you meet a builder called Wisdom be sure to ask him about Chelsea FC!

  8. Guys, this all looks AMAZING! What a fantastic thing you are all doing! I am, however, concerned that there are no pictures of Mrs Twinam twerking yet . . . do feel free to share some of these if you have some . . .
    I hope everyone is having an amazing time, despite the apparent lack of nutella. Good luck with the bowels . . . !

  9. Loving the posts. Keep up the amazing work. So very proud of you.
    Good luck with the poo charts. Lots of bananas and water( clean to drink) will help with the constipation.
    Nanu Nani Dadu Dadi send all their love.
    Do write your diary and your experiences as you go along. Something you will cherish for ever.
    Miss you soooo much Jaan. Look after yourself.
    Loads of luv xxx

  10. This comment thing is so difficult and I can't ask any teenagers to help as we have none at the moment. Niamh C. Mum has sold all the stuff in your room and we are renting your room to a lovely 26 year old Portuguese girl. Obrigado meester Rowan. Etc etc. Mum lies. I was ASKED by the band to play TWICE. It's okay no one saw me except perhaps Mrs Joyce. Miss you. Dad

  11. Niamh c sun is shining. Dog covered in fox poo and Erin will have to wash him as I'm off to work!34*c yesterday blue skies. Dad