Sunday, 17 July 2016

Day 2: Arrival

Blog 2, Sunday. By Racch and Tabbi. 

We woke up at 6 and made the use of the toilet seat and running water for the last time before the village. After our first Malawian breakfast, we left for Manyenje. The journey was bittersweet; on the one hand we felt like celebrities as the kids chased the bus, but there was the underlying realisation of the conditions these people live in and how we can only make small changes. 

We finally arrived, after a jolty journey on the dirt track and up a hill we didn't think the coach could handle. We were met by a crowd of the happiest children we had ever seen and we could not wait to go and play with them. The bedroom (singular!) is much nicer than expected and the toilets are... Adequate. As soon as we'd sorted out sheets and nets we headed out to play with the children. We played the Hokey Cokey and duck duck goose, and were surprised by their English abilities. 

The best and strangest part of the day was the Welcome Ceremony. An over an hour long event full of twerking, drumming, and speeches. We sang but it was a bit of a tough crowd, ending with 'thank you girls, that was interesting'. Then we returned and went over our high and low points, met with the revelation Beth and Sanj have both managed to wee in their own faces. Robin also told us she forgot her towel and so after the shower had to just 'shake it off'. Not sure how that worked. 

Looking forward to starting on the project and meeting more people. 

Lots of love

Team Malawi
PS three of us have managed to face plant in front of the whole village, Enma, Rach, and Tabbi. 


  1. Hottest day of the year for us today just told we are getting 'blowtorch air' from the sahara. Love your photos and what an amazing headdress the chief (?) is wearing. Good luck with your jobs today team M. Don't forget those diaries!

  2. Hi everyone! It looks like a lot of fun, very jealous and apart from the loos, it doesn't seem bad at all. Sending my love to all xxxx

    HI MARTHA AND EMMA HOPE YOU'RE STILL ALIVE (can't see you in the photos lol) i'm obviously lost without you and missing you guys lots Xx

  3. Hotter at tgs than Africa today was absolute madness, hope everyone's having an amazing time the outfits are wavey �� love to everyone

  4. Enjoying the photos. Hope you all had a great 1st day at the village and now have a comfortable night's rest.
    Remember the Malarone, mosquito repellent and sun screen everyday/night.
    Have lots of fun
    Lots of hugs and kisses xxx

  5. Missing you Martinez. Lots of love, Jesse x

  6. Hi Tabbi,
    I enjoyed reading yours and Rach's blog. This really should not be the case but the bit that stood out was that Sanj and Beth managed to wee on their own faces - how... just how?! (Three dots just for you)!
    I had lunch with Sue and Erica today, who have heard a lot of things during their teaching career but none of us could work out the position they would need to be in!
    The blogs are great and help me to not miss you too much. I zoom in and look for you in every photo as I am sure all us parents are doing!
    Love you sweetie.